We offer a 30 day Money Back guarantee on all items that are sealed if for any reason you change your mind and decide that you no longer want the item.
Please contact us through the web site stating your wish to return the item and your reason behind your change of mind.
You must return the item in the same condition as you received it in, Still in perfect sealed condition with no marks, scratches etc.

If an item you receive is not sealed (as a lot are) and you decide that you no longer want the item then we still offer a money back guarantee but certain rules apply.
On the same day you receive the item and once you have decided it is no longer wanted you must contact us stating you no longer would like the item and your reason behind the change of mind.

In both cases all items returned must be unopened & unused. We cannot refund any postage costs for returning unwanted items & our postage costs will also be deducted if free postage was enabled.

All Return & Refund issues will be handled within 1-3 days of notification.


Unfortunately sometimes items are not quite as you expected them to be, this could be due to a number of situations but in all circumstances we will 100% rectify a situation one way or another.
If you do find yourself in this situation then don't worry, just Contact Us and we will resolve any issues you have.

For Further Help, Please use the Contact Us tab.